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Our Wines of the Week – New Feature

We’ve been running a new feature at Bordeaux-Undiscovered that seems to be going down very well. Each week we have placed one of our success stories under the spotlight and given you the low down on it. If you’re quick and catch one in date you’ll get 10% off the Wine of the Week being featured at the time.

In case you missed out here’s an update so far:

Wine of the Week: Chateau Beausejour, Fronsac Claret

Fronsac, dubbed the ‘Bridesmaid of Bordeaux’ (the Telegraph, September 2012) has recently caught the attention of the Independent (May 2017) with one of this appellations’ red wines making it into their ‘Best Buys’. We’re not surprised. The surge in Fronsac’s popularity has been a long time coming but it’s starting to make waves once more.

We’ve pioneered the introduction of petit chateaux (small producers) to the UK and highlighted many overlooked hidden gems from long forgotten regions. And we’ve been banging the drum for Fronsac since 2006 when we brought our first Fronsac claret to UK. We’ve been watching the wine press in the UK catch on to Fronsac in the ensuing years (the Telegraph got up to speed in 2014, including Fronsac amongst ‘lesser-known Bordeaux wines you’d be mad not to try’). We have continued to source excellent Fronsac clarets and our customers have quickly cottoned on to these wines’ heritage and quality; making them hot property.

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Wine of the Week: Cremant de Loire ‘Morin’ Rose – Gold Medal

Cremants are so good they are a great alternative to Champagne and knock the spots off Prosecco any day. Here in the UK sales of these French sparkling wines have been booming for good reason. Priced midway between Prosecco and Champagne, Cremants have been the ‘go to’ drink in France for parties, functions and weddings for years. Smart, stylish and classy, Cremant has caught on over here.

The British press have spotted this trend and are helping to build momentum with headlines such as ‘Goodbye Prosecco, hello Cremant’ (the Telegraph). We’ve been bringing you excellent Cremants for over a decade, having introduced our first to the UK back in 2007. Once an expensive oddity nestling at the back of the specialist wine merchant’s shop in the upmarket part of town, Cremants are now becoming much more available. They are still a rarity but you no longer have to be a wine buff to spot one.

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Wine of the Week: Rose d’Anjou, Domaine du Landreau, Raymond Morin

Is there such a thing as an iconic Anjou? Well, yes, there is. But you won’t have heard many wine boffins bang on about it. Once the nation’s favourite, Rose d’Anjou is a retro wine. Back in the 1970s and 80s this was the Loire’s iconic pink wine.

It’s popularity was immense at the time with bottles selling like hot cakes here in the UK – a little similar to the fad for Prosecco we see today. However, as with most booms, there came a bust. There was a backlash against Rose d’Anjou as wine drinkers from that era moved on and turned their noses up at it. Wine snobbery has lot to answer for. A whole generation have missed out thanks to a swing in fashion . . . but that’s changing rapidly.

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Wine of the Week: Pech Notre Dame Chardonnay

Limoux is being credited as the region that made ‘Chardonnay chic again’ (the Guardian) and it has plenty of wine critics nodding their heads in agreement with Victoria Moore of the Telegraph acknowledging she has ‘a real soft spot for this stuff’. The big question is why?

It’s a simple answer. It’s seriously good. So good that it’s being compared to Chablis or White Burgundy. And it’s inexpensive. Both White Burgundy and Chablis are made with Chardonnay but in Limoux this grape is in its element.

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