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Cuvee de Jean Baptiste Audy


Old Style Claret.  Captivating and full of character this historical Claret has intense aromas, good backbone and smooth, soft tannins.  Flavours of rich blackberry compote, ripe dark plums, black cherry and black pepper with hints of tobacco and mint.

% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon & 15% Syrah.  12.5% abv.  75 cl

The Cuvee is well made and very drinkable, fruit and soft tannins well in evidence, a good drop.
Review by: AJ Parker, 03/03/2014

First impressions (my wife included), it was lovely – we thought VERY light indeed (akin actually to drinking some of the lighter Burgundies / Cotes du Rhone that we like in fact) and no real signs of the dry mouth tannins I have previously experienced. The wine definitely grew in flavour over the 3 hours we took to drink ¾ bottle. We were both pleased that I picked out cherries and a bit of mint in the taste (looked at your tasting notes afterwards). The MAIN POINT though - I LIKED IT A LOT. If the more expensive ones improve exponentially with price (and my palette of course) I am already looking forward to the next bottle.
Review by: Mr E from Basingstoke, 03/03/2014

Excellent for every day drinking! Now just waiting for it to come back in stock so I can order some more!
Review by: Heather Bird, 05/12/2012

What an excellent claret, and I am keeping an empty bottle for future reference. Well done for the recommendation; I will be back.
Review by: Charles Pickles, 05/10/2011

So much better than any supermarket plonk! What a discovery! Thank you.
Review by: Fran Pointer, 16/08/2011

I bought this as part of a mixed case from BU all were lovely but I can't believe this was so cheap. I have paid more for worse. Thanks I will be back soon. JS Somerset
Review by: Jim Stopford, 20/07/2011

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Have you ever wanted to drink an Old Style Claret? If you travel back in time to 1855, when the chateaux were being ranked into Grand Cru Classé, the Claret the British loved so well had a little Syrah from Hermitage, in the northern Rhône, in the blend. Bordeaux has started to create limited amounts of these wines again – they are unusual and difficult to find.  Cuvée harks back to this bygone era. 

Made by the negotiants Audy, who own several chateaux in Pomerol and Saint Emilion,  Cuvée is an abv of 12.5% which also represents a return to the lower alcohol levels of Bordeaux in the past and is named after Audy's founder, Jean Baptiste.

Cuvée goes particularly well with food especially feathered game - particularly pigeon and venison, rabbit, duck, beef, lamb, richly flavoured casseroles and Italian tomato based dishes.

Learn more about Cuvee on Nicks Blog:  Old Style Claret Returns to Bordeaux





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