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10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Chateau Pessan 2010 Graves.
    Advertised as 2010 but in additional comments as 2006. Which is correct? If 2006 how does that compare to the 2010? Thanks Tony.

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    1. Dear Mr Kirk,

      Thank you for your question, we have replaced the 2006 Pessan with 2010. With regards to the comparison of the two vintages of Pessan: In my opinion the 2010 offers better more rounded silkier tannins, more density of fruit and more opulence than the 2006. I prefer wines at a younger age probably more than most as I enjoy a good level of fruit in my wine. I also feel that people are too concerned about age when they think of Clarets and many drink Clarets far too old when they are past their optimum drinking age. However the 2010 will continue to age very well for a number of years to come.

      I hope this helps. Should you need any further information please get back to me.

      Best regards

  2. I see Aldi are knocking out Ch Chantermerle for £9.99 a bottle. Admittedly its the 2012. The buying power of the bid supermarkets I suppose!
    Personally prefer to support the local trade…but have admit Aldi’s halves of Moscato with Amaretti biscuits make a nice addition to any point to point picnic!

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    1. Thanks! Your custom is VERY much appreciated! We’ll check out the competition’s prices right now and see what we can do 🙂 Re Moscato and Amaretti biscuits … that does sound lovely. We are currently offering Gift Boxes for Christmas with cheese & crackers and chocolates – and hope to be adding to our range. Have you tried our Bordeaux Moelleux Chateau Le Rhondailh? It’s a rare (and delicious) semi sweet dessert wine similar to Moscato 🙂


  3. Nick, you must have the taste buds of a god! With the superb selection of wines you have amassed, you must have tasted for days to put together such a wonderful portfolio! I had the pleasure of visiting your stand at the Good Food show, NEC Birmingham on Friday and the selection on offer was as always, astounding!. You know my favourite is the Pessan, but the 2010 is smoother than the 2006! Fantastic! On top of that the Haut Manoir Pomerol, Mathilde de Fleur Morange 2007 and the Chateaux Soussans Margaux were divine!!. I hope the good lady does not find the credit card receipt! lol. Keep up the awesome work! Bunny

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    1. Cheers! And thank you for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated! So glad you are enjoying the wines, you have picked some beauties!


  4. Dear Nick
    I don’t often write to a supplier of any products only usually with a gripe. In this instance it is to congratulate you on the advise you gave me prior to Christmas, when you persuaded me to take a few bottles of “La Tour Du Pin” with the rest of my order. It is absolutely fantastic and although a tad over my normal budget it is so good I intend to have a case. It is a beautiful wine to share with very special friends, but also a real treat to sit down stoke up the fire and have a bottle when there is no one else around and enjoy the lot and go to bed very satisfied.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Ken, I’m delighted you enjoyed La Tour du Pin – it’s a fabulous wine!

  5. Hi Nick
    Following on from our conversation yesterday I just thought that I would send this note in appreciation of the service you give your customers. I was impressed that you phoned me to tell me that you only had 4 bottles of one of the wines I ordered left and to suggest alternatives. I have been buying clarets from you for about two years now and have never been disappointed with any of them. The quality and choice of the wines is quite remarkable for the price.
    Mick McMath

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    1. Thanks Mick, great news to hear you like our Clarets. Your kind comments are very much appreciated!


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