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Nick-portrait-smallWith over 30 years experience in the wine industry our founder and resident expert, Nick Stephens, is an internationally respected wine merchant, critic and connoisseur.  Nick’s speciality is in food and wine pairing; combining his love of good food and great wine.  He was awarded the Prud’homme de la Jurade de Saint Emilion in 2007 for his work with the great châteaux and vineyards of St Emilion. A devotee of the wines of Bordeaux, Nick has many years of insider knowledge and an array of chateaux owners, courtiers (brokers) and negotiants (merchants) that he does business with.

You’ll find lots of advice ready to hand here on our website with detailed tasting notes and food matching for each wine.  Nick’s blog has even more information on the chateau, the wine makers, appellations, trends in wine and insider tips.  If you have a question or need some advice Nick would love to hear from you so please get in touch!  Give him a ring on 0800 8766958 or email


2 thoughts on “Expert Advice!

  1. Hello Nick. I wonder if you can help me ?
    I have acquired a bottle of
    Calvet. Vieux Bordeaux. Dated 30th September 1956.
    Do you think I should drink it ?
    Yours very sincerely. Christine Lewis-Jones.

    1. Hello Christine, thanks for your query. Calvet produced wines under this brand name ‘Vieux XXXX’ in the late 50s/60s etc. They are a big French negociant (wine merchant) and still produce Bordeaux wines today. However their ‘Vieux Bordeaux’ were made for quick consumption and not for laying down. They are not AOC wines (ie they don’t come from a specific Bordeaux appellation, eg: Margaux) and because of this they did not have to follow the strict AOC rules. I think that your bottle is worth between £15 – £20 at best and would recommend you open it and try tasting it. Fingers crossed it will be OK but it might not be. Please let me know if it is 🙂 All the best, Nick

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