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Describes wine with harmonious proportions. Its tannins and acidity are balanced by a smooth texture. Its aromatic richness is balanced by a dense texture. A balanced wine is every winemaker's goal. In Bordeaux, the blending of different but complementary grape varieties makes this goal easier to achieve.

A series of tertiary perfume-related aromas that, in Bordeaux, includes vanilla, incense, sandalwood, pine resin, as well as beeswax, and camphor. These aromas develop during anaerobic bottle ageing and are usually very desirable.

Oak is used to make barrels, the volume of which varies from one winemaking region to another. In Bordeaux, barrels contain 225 litres and therefore 4 barrels are required to make a 900 litre "tonneau" (or register ton, a commercial measurement used in Bordeaux by négociants), which equals 1,200 bottles of 750 ml.

Though normal for certain young tannic red wines (bitterness and astringency are complementary flavours), bitterness can also be a fault caused by bacteria during malolactic fermentation. It normally perceived as one of the last flavours during a tasting.

Describes a wine with a good composition (structure and flesh) that imparts a warm sensation (due to an elevated level of alcohol).

Bordeaux Mixture (Bouillie bordelaise)
Copper sulphate is used to prevent grapevine parasites. Applied as a spray, it leaves a characteristic greyish-green colour on grape leaves.

Botrytis cinerea
A fungus that develops on grape clusters that are almost mature which produces a highly desirable phenomenon in the Sauternes region called "noble rot." Botrytis cinerea can also cause considerable damage when it matures too quickly in years with cold and damp autumns resulting in what is known as "grey rot."

Bottle preparation
Preparing a bottle includes all of the elements that are applied to it to prepare it for sale and include: front and back labels, rings, capsules, etc.

See Aromas-Tertiary.

Describes a very clear colour that strongly reflects the light. A sign of a high quality wine.

Burning Sensation
Describes the sensation caused by a wine with too much alcohol that is unbalanced in the mouth. It manifests itself by excessive roundness and an "alcoholic" character that sometimes leaves the mouth dry. 

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