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Garde (vin de)
Describes wine that has an excellent potential for bottle ageing, which enables its bouquet and complexity to develop. Several Bordeaux wines have an excellent potential for ageing due to the high quality and richness of their components (acids, tannins, colour and aromas).

Characteristic of a wine that rich in alcohol without being unpleasant, as opposed to a heady wine. Often applicable to wines with hot and sunny vintages.

A technique used since the Phylloxera epidemic that consists of attaching a local grapevine cutting (graft) to Phylloxera-resistaßnt rootstock. The grafted grapevine is then what gives wine its personality whereas the rootstock is simply a support.

Describes odours that are reminiscent of dried hay, tobacco, or green grass (negative connotation since this is due to the use of not-quite-ripe grapes).

Describes wine that is too acidic.

A cane pruning method that leaves only one horizontal branch (the courson), which is common in Bordeaux. Each year a long branch with 6 to 10 spurs which will be attached to remain horizontal.

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