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Describes wine that is not round and often is very tannic or acidic. This is often caused by an excessively long cuvaison period, or the presence of too much acid in the wine due to not-quite-ripe grapes.

Describes very astringent wine with a strong tannic structure, or containing harsh tannins. In the astringency scale, harsh (Âpre) is stronger than rough (Rêche) and weaker than inky (Atramentaire).

The action of harvesting grapes when they are at their very best point of ripeness. The date of the harvest is a critical moment for all winegrowers. In Bordeaux, the harvest is a go when the grapes have: satisfactory sugar concentrations, mature tannins, and a sufficient acid structure.

Describes wine with a high alcohol content, which "goes to your head". 

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