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Lactic acid is created during malolactic fermentation that produces secondary dairy-related aromas (butter, crème fraîche, fresh yogurt). Lactic acid increases the chemical stability of wine as well as its smoothness.

When fermentation is complete, the yeast cells die and fall to the bottom of the vat to become the lees. Some wines are left on this sediment of dead yeast cells to enrich their aromas. The lees also stabilises wine and due to this fact, this practice is becoming more common in Bordeaux.

Legs are the tear-like marks that some wines leave on the inside of the wine glass. Legs indicate a good level of glycerol and alcohol, due to the ideal maturity of the grapes when harvested.

Describes wine without much colour but that is nevertheless balanced and pleasant. Bordeaux Clairet is a good example of this type of wine, which that generally should be enjoyed when young.

Describes wine with a clear, sparkly colour that does not have any particles in suspension to cloud it.

Describes wine that leaves a marked impression in the mouth due to its well defined characteristics, and significant, but not excessive, acidity.

Describes wine that leaves a pleasant lasting sensation in the mouth after being swallowed.

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