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A wine expert with a diploma in wine studies. His/her role consists of making wine, supervising the winemaking process but also advising winemakers and négociants. These wine experts are the only people allowed by law to undertake certain winemaking processes (treatments and filtrations).

The science of wine including related physical, biological and chemical processes as well as production and conservation methods. Also includes cultivation techniques to obtain the best quality grape.

A grape disease caused by a small grey fungus that attacks and dries out grapes. Can be treated with sulphur. Also known as powdery mildew.

Describes a wine that is at its best aromatically speaking, and ready to be enjoyed.

Properties of wine that stimulate tasting senses: sight, smell and taste.

The result of the interaction of oxygen in air with wine. Before fermentation, this can denature the grapes' aromatic components, and afterwards it can alter wine's colour and bouquet. However, during barrel ageing, an infinite amount of oxygen reaches the wine inside the barrel through pores in the wood, which helps to stabilise the wine's colour and develop its aromatic richness. This is described as controlled oxidisation.

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