Sweet Wine

Once you have tasted the sweet wine of Bordeaux you will understand why it is hailed as the ambrosia of the gods.

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  • La Clemente 2013 Bordeaux Moelleux

    Chateau La Clemente 2013 – Bordeaux Moelleux


    Bordeaux Moelleux.  Truly gorgeous off dry / semi-sweet wine with superb balance.  Characterised by its expressiveness in the mouth which is vibrant, fresh and lively.  Flavours of pear, peach, melon and lemon with delicate notes of hazelnut and crystallized pineapple. Very well crafted; the sensation of sweetness being ethereal and light.

    80% Semillon, 20% Sauvignon Blanc.  11.5% abv.  75cl

  • St Helene 2004 small

    Chateau Sainte Helene 2004 – Sauternes


    Second Wine of Sauternes and Barsac Second Growth Chateau de Malle.  Superbly crafted with fine flavours of honeysuckle, orange peel and apricot with undertones of cinnamon and almonds.  Beautifully balanced with good acidity and freshess.  Full of finesse.  Ages very well.

    Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc & Muscadelle.  14% abv.  75cl

  • Chateau Climens 2006 - Premier Cru Sauternes

    Chateau Climens 2006 – Premier Cru Sauternes


    Stunning Sauternes and Barsac First Growth.  Wonderful balance of power and finesse.  Beautiful bouquet of pineapple, vanilla and apricot with flavours of quince, honey and candied fruits.  Good acidity, well rounded and velvety smooth.  Ages exceptionally well.

    100% Semillon.  12.5% abv. 75cl

Showing all 3 results