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  • The Welcome Case

    The Welcome Case


    New to Bordeaux-Undiscovered?  Why not sample our special Welcome Offer? Crammed with top flight, delicious wines from amazing wine makers, this is a case of high quality wines you won’t find at a better price anywhere else in store.  It’s a chance to sample these beauties at a great discount and also makes a fantastic gift for wine lovers amongst your family and friends (if you can keep your hands off them).  How can you resist?

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    The Connoisseurs Case


    Free Delivery on this case!

    The Connoisseurs Case is crammed full of superb wines from award winning chateaux, Grand Cru Classe, Bordeaux Superieur and top flight wine makers.  If you fancy tasting the cream of the crop this is the case for you.

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    Mathilde de La Fleur Morange Case


    Free Delivery on this case!

    A rare chance to taste a vertical line up of 2007,2008, 2009 & 2010 vintages at a special price!  If Chateau La Fleur Morange isn’t on your radar yet it ought to be. Jancis Robinson’s article in the Financial Times, ‘One Mighty Smallholder,’ followed up with ‘La Fleur Morange, the Carpenter’s Wine‘ on her website, hit the press at the weekend, putting La Fleur Morange firmly in the spotlights. Bravo, Jancis! Celebrity is a new thing for La Fleur Morange, this is a tiny chateau and a newcomer to boot. However it deserves to be centre stage and rightfully take its place on the red carpet.

Showing all 3 results