Comte De Ferrand Blanc de Blancs Brut


Blanc de Blancs Vin Mousseux.  Charming sparkling wine that smacks of quality.  Good depth, nicely balanced acidity and a fine mousse of bubbles.  Flavours of white peach, quince and  apricot with delicate hints of lemon, magnolia and jasmine flowers.

100% Ugni Blanc.  11% abv.  75cl



CDFGComte de Ferrand is made by the Société des Vins Mousseux (SVM) and is a charming sparkling wine that smacks of quality.  SVM is one of the leading companies exclusively producing quality sparkling wines. It has connections to Bordeaux, being owned by Borie Manoux and chaired by Philippe Casteja, whose family own several prestigious chateaux including Chateau Trotte Vielle (First Growth Grand Cru Classé Saint Emilion) and Chateau Batailley (5th Growth Pauillac).

CDFBThis expertise has resulted in a very well made wine, expressing the best from the Ugni Blanc grapes.  This is an ancient grape which is thought to have been was brought to France in the 1300s when successive Popes resided at Avignon rather than in Rome. Ugni Blanc’s name comes from the old French Occitan ‘Unia’ which is derived from the Latin name ‘Eugenia’ (meaning ‘noble’ or ‘well born’) but it has lots of synonyms in Bordeaux – ‘Saint Emilion’ being one of them.

Comte de Ferrand is perfect for parties and celebrations but it is also good with food and will compliment a variety of dishes including spicy Indian and Thai cuisine, fish, seafood, salads and delicate white meat recipes.

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