Cremant de Bordeaux – Jean Baptiste Audy


Creamy Cremant de Bordeaux with a delicate mousse of bubbles. A Bordelaise speciality made the same exacting way as Champagne with flavours of lime, pear and quince underpinned by subtle hints of white cherry blossom, walnuts and caramel. Very aromatic and well balanced. A nice long frothy finish.

70% Semillon, 30% Muscadelle

12% abv. 75Cl

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Cremant de Bordeaux SparklingBordeaux has been making sparkling wine for centuries (Saint Emilion has famously been making it in the Cloisters since 1892) but you don’t often see it as it’s snapped up and consumed within its borders. For example, the Mayor of Bordeaux only ever uses Cremant de Bordeaux at official functions, rather than Champagne! Cremants (named for the French word meaning ‘creamy’) are an excellent alternative to Champagne and each region has its own style. Cremant de Bordeaux is softer and more gentle than crisp, zesty Cremant d’Alsace.

Cremant de Bordeaux – Jean Baptiste Audy is produced by the most renowned producer of Cremants de Bordeaux (we can’t tell you who, as it’s a secret). They are located in the heart of the Entre Deux Mers, near Langoiran, on the banks of the Garonne river. The Cremant is made in underground caves deep in the natural limestone galleries along the Garonne which are ideally suited for the process thanks to their high humidity.

Cremant de Bordeaux LangorianThis Cremant is made in exactly the same way as Champagne (using the Methode Champenoise); grapes are hand picked into small baskets and fermented in stainless steel vats, the second fermentation is done the following year in bottle, riddling is also done by hand as is disgorgement and the final product is then aged for several months more. The grapes used are the same grapes that go into classic Bordeaux white wines: Semillon and Muscadelle and are from vineyards on chalky limestone soils. This grape combination characterises this Cremant de Bordeaux with the hallmarks of subtle complexity married with a fine fragrance and lovely body.

The ideal temperature to enjoy it is chilled between 5 – 7°C. Perfect for enjoying as an aperitif, Cremant de Bordeaux is also great with desserts (raspberry trifle in particular!), appetizers, smoked salmon, prawns, chicken and turkey.

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