Duc De Berieu Brut – French Sparkling Wine


Lovely light bodied sparkling wine with subtle flavours of apricot, ripe peach and fresh cut lime lifted by heady floral notes of orange and almond blossom. Beautifully balanced acidity and a soft exuberant mousse of fine bubbles.  Clean, crisp and full of charm.

100% Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano).  11% abv.


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DDBBDuc de Berieu Brut is made by the sparkling wine specialist team at Grand Vins de Gironde, owners of several renowned chateaux.  This is an attractive sparkling wine and is the French equivalent to Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava – however it has a much cleaner, fresher taste.  It’s made with Ugni Blanc, which is the French name for Trebbiano.  The name Ugni Blanc holds the key to this grape, it’s derived from the old French name ‘Unia’ which comes from the Latin ‘Eugenia, meaning ‘noble’ and the grape is an unsung hero when it comes to sparkling wines.  Especially if they are well crafted by experts such as GVG.

A gorgeous glassful at parties, Duc de Berieu is light, refreshing and stylish.  It’s great with seafood and starters, salty foods such as salami, prosciutto and feta cheese, creamy pastas, poultry, spicy and fragrant Chinese cuisine and sweet pastries.

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