Chateau Beausejour 2012, Fronsac – Gold Medal Magnum

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Beausejour in Magnum.  Introductory Price £18.45.  A rare opportunity – limited quantities available. Seductive and sensuous, this fuller bodied Fronsac Claret from the Right Bank has superb balance. Aromatic and generous. Rich flavours of blackberry, ripe raspberry, damson and dark cherry melting into sweeter tones of liquorice and red currant jelly with a hint of vanilla. Notes of spice, smoke and oak. Soft, mellow tannins and a long, lasting finish.

85% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, 13.5% abv. 1.5 litre Magnum (equivalent to 2 x 75cl bottles)

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Fronsac vinesA rare opportunity to obtain Chateau Beausejour in a Magnum at a great introductory price. Magnum sized bottles hold the equivalent of 2 wine bottles and are extremely popular with Bordeaux collectors and enthusiasts. Size matters! The larger the bottle, the better the aging process and the better the wine inside. The reason behind this is that the small amount of air in the neck of the Magnum and the large volume of wine in the bottle mean that it matures slowly. The wine develops more complexity and evolves greater depth in Magnums when compared with wine inside smaller bottles. Also, larger bottles, due to the thicker glass, are less likely to experience temperature variations. Steady temperatures can help wine age more evenly. This is why Magnums are used at impressive dinner parties and banquets, as the wine within is consistent – unlike wines poured from 75cl bottles which may have small differences despite being from the same wine maker and vintage. Magnums are also often purchased as gifts for young children, who can then serve the wine at their 18th or 21st birthday or wedding.

Chateau Beausejour lies in the Fronsac AOC near the small village of Saillans which meanders across the rolling countryside peppered with solidly built old stone houses and farmsteads. Beausejour’s vineyards sit at the top of one of a string of hills that extend out into north eastern Fronsac, overlooking the river Dordogne. It has been owned by the Melet family since 1870 and has been in the hands of Veronique Guilhamon, who represents the fifth generation of this wine making family, since 2013. The family also own Chateau Bel Air in the neighbouring AOC of Pomerol and are well known for their expertise in producing good quality Merlot based Clarets.

In 2011 the family took the big step of taking on Bordeaux’s star oenologist, Stephane Derenoncourt, as their consultant wine maker and subsequently their wines have won many awards. Newly awarded the Concours de Bordeaux Gold Medal; Chateau Beausejour 2012 is a super Claret, typical of the full bodied, powerful and complex wines of Fronsac and well deserves discovering.

fronsac glass of wineLong famous for its wines in the past, Fronsac’s rich and darkly coloured wines are starting to command global attention once more. Merlot flourishes here and Fronsac wines are more bold than those produced in Saint Emilion and Pomerol and have a rich, layered structure.

Beausejour is a formidable match for beef and lamb; and will compliment stronger flavoured meats such as pheasant, pigeon, duck, wild boar and venison, whilst being equally good with casseroles and stews. A rump steak would be perfect with it and Beausejour will also enhance the meatier pasta dishes. Being heavier than most Clarets it is great with richly flavoured sauces; garlicky pates and terrines, nutty or fruit infused cheese and hearty vegetarian fare (especially nut cutlets and dishes based on aubergines, peppers and cheese).

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