Chateau Fougere La Noble 2015 – Gold Medal


Vibrant, rich and juicy Claret with good structure and silky tannins. Right Bank in style with lovely layers, intense aromas and great depth. Flavours of blackberry compote, plum and liquorice with delicate notes of blueberry and baked cherry underlined by nuances of oak. Fresh, lively and very moreish in style.

70% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc. 13.5% abv. 75cl.

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fougereChateau Fougere La Noble lies at the furthest reaches of the Bordeaux region near the Dordogne river, east of the Saint Foy appellation and west of the frontier with Cotes de Bergerac, Duras and Monbazillac. The chateau is run by Fabien Charron and has been owned by the family since 1947. It sits in Puyguilhem, within view of the old 13th century bastide town and ruined castle above on the hilltop. The area has a very ancient wine making tradition, unique terroir and an exceptionally rich history. It’s also the gateway to the Perigord Pourpre (Purple Perigord), named for the grapes of the region. This is rich and bountiful countryside, famous for its gastronomy.

fougere-2You wouldn’t know it looking at the picturesque vines radiating out below the steep bastide but centuries ago this was where a great seige was held, battles fought and power politics were played. In 1338 from the top of the old castle walls cannons were fired for the very first time in the area. They were aimed at the French (the bastide was built for King Henry III of England) and Fougere La Noble would have been swathed in smoke from the gunpowder.

Far flung it may be but the wines produced here have a rich dimension about them and Fabien’s Claret is no exception. Fabien turned heads when he took over the family vineyard in 1998. His first vintage was both a test drive and a master stroke. It attracted critical attention and he quickly distinguished himself as an excellent winemaker. His vineyard is small, covering 14 acres on good terroir with clayey limestone soil peppered with sands and silt. Today his wines are often award winning and we are delighted to be able to offer you a small parcel from his lovely 2015 vintage. It’s a good year and is of beautiful quality. Ideal with steak, lamb cutlets, pork chops and sausages; Fougere La Noble is delicious with chargrilled or BBQ fayre. It also pairs well with duck, pâté, meats in truffle sauce and pan fried chicken breasts.

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