Les Vignes d’Hebe 2011 – Saint Estephe


‘Les Vignes d’Hebe’ is a Declassified Bordeaux from top a flight, prestigious Left Bank Grand Cru Classe Chateaux. Anonymously made (we must keep the secret) and truly superb; this wine has the same pedigree and provenance of the chateau’s Grand Vin but is a fraction of the price. Powerful with exceptional backbone and beautiful structure. Concentrated flavours of cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), blackberry and black cherry with smoky notes of liquorice, spice and dark chocolate. Velvety and very fragrant.

70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot. 13% abv. 75cl.




Saint Estephe‘Les Vignes d’Hebe’ is unique in the UK and exclusive to Bordeaux-Undiscovered. This is a Declassified Bordeaux from top a flight, prestigious Grand Cru Classe Chateau. The keyword to remember here is ‘prestigious’. As Declassified Bordeaux is made anonymously by high ranking chateaux we can not tell you who made it. We do know where the wine comes from but we must keep silence. What we can say is that ’Les Vignes d’Hebe’ is made by the Borie-Manoux and Casteja families.  With a number of Grand Cru Chateaux throughout Bordeaux under their ownership they have been specialising in producing superb Bordeaux wines since the 1800s.

Declassified Bordeaux produced by these top chateaux have certain advantages; they benefit from state of the art wine making, the best experts and oenologists money can buy, cutting edge technology and immaculately managed vineyards lying on the best terroir. In short these wines are made to the highest standards – they are among the aristocrats of the wine world.

‘Les Vignes d’Hebe’ is made by the same team that produce the Grand Cru Classe’s flagship wines. This means that this wine is made with the same level of expertise. The wine is also normally made from the same vineyard so it has the same pedigree and provenance . . . but is a fraction the price.

Saint Estephe lies in the north and is the closest appellation to the mouth of the River Gironde, where it joins the Atlantic Sea.  Often described as potent or robust, Saint Estephe’s wines have remarkable longevity and retain their youth and freshness far longer than those from other appellations.

Saint EstepheLes Vignes d’Hebe (The Vines of Hebe) is named after Hebe, the Ancient Greek goddess of eternal youth.  She was the daughter of Zeus and Hera and was the cupbearer to the gods at their home on Mount Olympus, pouring ambrosia to keep them forever young.  Les Vignes d’Hebe is dedicated to her and represents the ambrosia, being the essence of Saint Estephe.

Les Vignes d’Hebe is gorgeous with game:  pheasant, partridge, guinea fowl and venison.  It’s also good with beef and lamb, meats marinaded in rich sauces (especially truffle or cherry) and hard cheeses such as edam or gouda.

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