Les Parcelles, Chant Grillon Rose, Val de Loire 2014


Lovely Loire Valley Rose. Summer in a glass. Fresh, light, dry and fruity with flavours of dark red cherry, black raspberry and a little spice. Soft smoky overtones with deep floral notes of lilac and a touch of white pepper. Supple and smooth. A real delicacy.

33% Abouriou, 33% Gamay, 33% Pinot Noir. 12% abv. 75cl.B

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RDCHTXNamed for the song of the crickets that chirp in the sunny Loire Valley vineyards of award winning Domaine Rethore Davy; this soft dry Rose is a real delicacy. The domaine lies in Saint Remy en Mauges in the old province of Anjou. Rethore Davy boasts a wonderfully rich estate, nestled on the slopes of small valleys located at a slight altitude, enjoying an exceptional southern exposure and a mild climate. Thanks to the geological diversity of its soils, the domaine practices sustainable farming, respecting the environment and traditions, and is certified under ‘Terra Vitis’. Four slopes offer four different soils for seven traditional grape varieties.

RDCBThe Rose grapes are grown on Schist which allows the estate’s Gamay, Pinot Noir and ancient Arbouriou to thrive. Arbouriou was nearly extinct until a local farmer discovered abandoned plantings of the vine growing up the wall of a ruined castle outside of Villereal in 1882. Further research is needed but it could very well be that Arbouriou is the grandparent of both Merlot and Malbec. The domaine uses it in their Rose blend to add fruit, structure and a distinctive plush body to the wine. Gamay (best known as producing Beaujolais) and its relative Pinot Noir (Burgundy) add vibrancy and finesse.

Chant Grillon is superb on its own; a very moreish mouthful. However it also pairs well with tapas, stuffed peppers, spicy chicken enchiladas, smoked meats, prosciutto and Parma ham, rice dishes, smoked meats and seafood. Try it with on the barbecue with chorizo, scallops and black pudding kebabs; it’s delicious.

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