Montagnac Syrah Rose 2013 / 2014


Old World Syrah Rose from Herault, Languedoc Roussillon. Deep pure flavours of ripe red cherry, crushed raspberry and dark chocolate with notes of liquorice, black pepper and spice.  Well balanced and refreshing with a lingering hint of violets.

100%  Syrah (Shiraz).  12.5% abv.  75cl

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MSRCHTXMontagnac Syrah Rosé is made by a small co-operative, Les Vignobles Montagnac,  located between Beziers and Montpellier by the Mediterranean Sea.  The co-operative dates back to the 1930s and the vineyards stretch from the banks of Thau Lagoon to the foothills of the mountains on the River Hérault where the ancient river bed stones are similar to those of Chateauneuf du Pape.

Syrah has found a second home in the Languedoc Roussillon having travelled there from its birthplace in the northern Rhone. Better known by its other name of Shiraz, this lovely Old World grape produces deeply flavoured, full bodied, fruity Roses with beautiful aromas.  Montagnac Syrah Rose is a lovely syrah roseexpression of a light and refreshing Mediterranean rose wine. The colour is light and brilliant, the nose is floral and fruity and the palate is full and fresh.

Montagnac Syrah Rose can be enjoyed as an aperitif but its also great with food.  It pairs well with cheese dishes, poultry, pasta and Mediterranean seafood as well as spicier dishes such as Chinese or Thai cuisine.

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