Chateau Sainte Helene 2004 – Sauternes


Second Wine of Sauternes and Barsac Second Growth Chateau de Malle.  Superbly crafted with fine flavours of honeysuckle, orange peel and apricot with undertones of cinnamon and almonds.  Beautifully balanced with good acidity and freshess.  Full of finesse.  Ages very well.

Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc & Muscadelle.  14% abv.  75cl




SHMCHTXChâteau de Sainte Hélène is a exceptional sweet dessert wine from Sauternes. It is the Second Wine of the Sauternes Second Growth Château de Malle, owned by the Comtes de Bournazel who have 400 years of wine making experience.

Sainte Hélène is made by the same team as the first wine and the cultivation of the vineyard is carried out with the same measure of rigorous attention and meticulous care. The wine is made following the same classical tradition as for great Sauternes and is the result of a draconian selection process.

STHGMaking the great wines of Sauternes is labour intensive – grapes have to be hand picked so that only those with Noble Rot are selected and yields can be low. It is said that one grape vine only makes enough juice to make one glass of wine. Although these are dessert wines their sweetness is not cloying due to their zesty acidity.

Traditionally Sauternes are paired with desserts, crystallised fruits and chocolate but Château Sainte Hélène can accompany fish such as monk fish, prawns, scallops and sea bass as well as Roquefort cheese. Chicken is very often served with Sauternes and creamy sauces made with ginger, honey and spices bring out the fragrance of the wine.

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