Le Chapitre, Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio), Val de Loire 2014


Soft, smoky Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio) from the Loire Valley. Crisp, fresh and mouth watering. Gently spiced flavours of ripe pear, white peach and lychee with a touch of lemon and ginger. Pleasantly intense aromas and very nicely balanced with floral overtones. Generous with a lingering freshness.

100% Pinot Gris. 12.5% abv. 75cl.




LCPGRDCHTXThis soft, dry Pinot Gris is made by the award winning Domaine Rethore Davy in Saint Remy en Mauges. Pinot Gris is the same grape as Pinot Grigio and is known as ‘Malvoisie’ in the Loire.  Although long grown in the Loire Valley (most famously in the Coteaux d’Ancenis), Pinot Gris is a fairly recent addition to the Domaine’s vineyard – the first vintage being 2007.  Pinot Gris is related to Pinot Noir, which originated in Burgundy, and gained the name ‘Gris’ (‘Gray’) thanks to the soft grey tone of its grapes. It was known as Pinot Beurot in the Middle Ages; a reference to the grape’s colour being similar to that of the homespun habits worn by the Cistercian monks.

Domaine Rethore DLCPGGavy’s Pinot Gris is grown on steep south facing slopes (10% gradient) which are divided between quartz and schist. These soils were specifically chosen to bring out the best characteristics of this expressive grape variety. Here, on the Mauges plateau, crossed by the valleys of the River Evre, the Pinot Gris makes a striking wine. Le Chapitre combines all the refreshing qualities of Pinot Gris in perfect harmony. The grapes are harvested in September when the grapes are nearly over ripe but before Noble Rot sets in. At this pivotal point, Domaine Rethore Davy captures the lush flavour of Pinot Gris with its twinkling acidity to produce its award winning wine.

Pinot Gris is the perfect wine to sit and relax with on its own but Le Chapitre also pairs well with food. It’s lovely with seafood such as crab spring rolls or chilli prawns, smoked salmon or gravlax, squid or grilled fish – try it with stuffed sardines. Le Chapitre is good with chicken or turkey, pulled pork, salamis, ham and pates, salads, soups and lightly spiced Asian cuisine.

Critics Reviews – Sally Easton, MW (France Magazine) and Wine Wisdom:
‘Wine of the Month’
The pinot gris grape is a speciality of the Loire Valley, particularly just east of Nantes. This example, designed to be drunk young, is cracking value with
a citrus, peachy and white pepper nose.  The palate has the freshness of grapefruit combined with gentle, juicy pear and Mediterranean fruit flavours in a smooth, rounded, nicely balanced wine. Drink with: Leafy starters or as an aperitif.

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