Les Roitelieres Muscadet 2015, Sèvre et Maine – Silver Medal


Silver Medal winning Muscadet. Clean, fresh, pure and racy; this style of wine makes Pinot Grigio hang its head in shame. Bright, appetizing flavours of lemon zest, green apple and pear with notes of lime blossom, freshly cut hay and anise. Beautifully delicate with flinty minerality and a hint of iodine. A classic wine to drink with oysters; it rivals Chablis when it comes to food pairing with shellfish.

100% Melon de Bourgogne. 12% abv. 75cl.




muscadet_glassMuscadet, the delicate dry wine from the mouth of the Loire, is on the verge of a boom. It’s undergoing a renaissance and we are being told by renowned wine critic Jancis Robinson MW that we should all be drinking it. The quality of the wine has been pushed ever higher by winemakers and the Muscadets coming out of France now are probably the best produced yet. These wines are fresh, vibrant and exciting. It’s about time we clicked on to them in the UK . . . Muscadet replaced Champagne at government functions in France in 2012. Enough said.

muscadet_smokedNewly introduced to the UK by Bordeaux-Undiscovered, this refreshing silver medal winning Muscadet comes from the Sèvre et Maine, named for the two rivers which converge just outside Nantes near the Atlantic coast. This appellation is the most important region for high quality Muscadet. It lies near the far end of the Loire Valley and the climate is cooler here, dominated by the ocean. Crafted by the Loire specialists Bougrier, Les Roitelieres Muscadet is made from Melon de Bourgogne. This grape originated in Burgundy and is an offspring of Pinot Noir and a cousin of Chardonnay. It was brought to the Loire in the 17th century as it can withstand cooler climates. It takes its name from the rounded leaves which resemble the shape of a melon. The Bougrier vineyards lie in Le Pallet, one of three top Cru level villages on the banks of the river Sèvre.

Muscadet is not only loved as a delicious drink but also for its superb food pairing qualities; it’s the perfect palate cleanser and is famous for pairing beautifully with sea food and fish. However it’s also fantastic with fatty foods, buttery sauces, rich creamy dishes and cheese. Try it with roast pork, Chinese ribs, baked ham, shoulder of lamb or roast duck and goose.

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