Pech Notre Dame Sauvignon Blanc 2016


Full, fine and subtly powerful Sauvignon Blanc. Great depth and texture. Thrillingly intense flavours of pear, gooseberry, mango and mint with notes of marjoram and citrus. Thirst quenching, complex and classic.

100% Sauvignon Blanc. 12.5% abv. 75cl




PNDSBCHTXThis fine full bodied Sauvignon comes from high vineyards on the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains near Limoux in the Aude. It’s made by the local cooperative who have a host of awards under their belt and is named for the Basillica of Notre Dame de Marceille, an ancient church set on a hillside overlooking Limoux. ‘Pech’ is the local dialect for ‘Mount’ and refers to the hilltop.

This is a land of myths, legends and mysteries – Rennes-le-Chateau (popularised by the film of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code) lies 9 miles from the town and Pech de Bugarach (the site of many legends and conspiracy theories) lies 14 miles away. The church of Notre Dame itself dates back to the 11th century and was built on an ancient sacred spring. It has attracted many pilgrims thanks to the miraculous cures associated with the famous Black Madonna which rests in the sanctuary.PNDSBG

Spring is late here and the autumn cool with harvests often beginning after they have finished at the foot of the mountains. This Sauvignon Blanc has the typical characteristics from cool growing conditions and the herbaceous notes compliment pesto sauce, asparagus and mushroom risottos, tacos with salsa verde, quiches, white fish such as halibut, roasted vegetables, salads, lemon chicken and seafood.

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