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Mr Mike E at the Oxford Wine Festival
Your range of wines was our highlight of the Oxford Wine Festival. I’ll enjoy the case you’ve delivered and I’ll be coming back for more!

Mr S Ross on Wye
On our our recent holiday to South Brittany we did consider stocking up on wines to bring home and came across a couple of very good Muscadets which seem ever harder to find , (purchased some from small producers at a couple of local markets.  But to be honest with you, what I found in a few “caves” with wines from further south that I checked out was that they did not compare with the value for money you deliver. Time and again. So, my last order was placed whilst we were in France! All ready for when we came home. Bizarre mais vrais. Our friends in Missilliac, who run a small champagne depot, could not fault my logic having sampled your wares on their last visit here.

M T Stafford
The wines you suggested for our Cricket Club bash went down a storm with everyone especially with our more discerning members! Thank you for your great suggestions and the high quality of service. A service which is rare to find these days with web based businesses

R S Monmouth
Over Easter we were visited by our French friends for the extended weekend and they gave us some local French wines. Whilst with us I introduced them to the wines I had bought from Bordeaux Undiscovered. They were very impressed; especially with the Le Chapitre Loire range (Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Gamay) – a producer they knew of.  They hadn’t tasted the Chateau De Cappes and Chateau d’Haurets before. Not only did they enjoy them,  they noted them down to seek out when they got back. Sadly we didn’t have time to taste the Cremants but they knew something of the Morin family and rate their wines very highly. So thanks and well done.

We also looked at your web site and my friend’s view was “ ton caviste est bonne” ( my grammar may be lacking there) but he was impressed with the approach which I tried to translate as accurately as I could.

It’s not very often wines found here in the UK impress a Frenchman!

T G Dorset
Bravo Bordeaux Undiscovered! In all of my 28yrs of living in England I have not found a supplier of genuine French wines at sensible prices until now. The wines I have tasted thus far from you have been good quality and very reasonably priced. I normally stock up when I go back home to France but now I have discovered the your website I will be a regular customer.

M E Hampshire
I have for a number of years been a member and subscriber to many wine Clubs/Societies. More recently in recent years I have been with such a company that I pay £20 on a regular basis to and cash in with wine when appropriate. Having now been a customer of Bordeaux Undiscovered for several months I find that your wines are of higher quality at similar prices to my normal supplier but I am now finding that the alternative suppliers wines are becoming very bland and lacking in flavour when compared with the wines I receive from you. Therefore, I am stopping my direct debit and ordering from you as and when…..keep finding those little gems!

AR West Midlands
I have now bought several cases from you and I have enjoyed every bottle. I have my preferences but there hasn’t been a bad bottle amongst them. In the past I have ordered from larger more well known wine companies but although their prices are similar the quality of your wines I find much higher. I have been encouraging my friends to visit your site as I am not only impressed with the quality of your wines you offer a great service.

I don’t often write to a supplier of any products only usually with a gripe. In this instance it is to congratulate you on the advise you gave me prior to Christmas, when you persuaded me to take a few bottles of “La Tour Du Pin” with the rest of my order. It is absolutely fantastic and although a tad over my normal budget it is so good I intend to have a case. It is a beautiful wine to share with very special friends, but also a real treat to sit down stoke up the fire and have a bottle when there is no one else around and enjoy the lot and go to bed very satisfied.

Nick, you must have the taste buds of a god! With the superb selection of wines you have amassed, you must have tasted for days to put together such a wonderful portfolio! I had the pleasure of visiting your stand at the Good Food show, NEC Birmingham on Friday and the selection on offer was as always, astounding!. You know my favourite is the Pessan, but the 2010 is smoother than the 2006! Fantastic! On top of that the Haut Manoir Pomerol, Mathilde de Fleur Morange 2007 and the Chateaux Soussans Margaux were divine!!. I hope the good lady does not find the credit card receipt! lol. Keep up the awesome work!

TH from Dorset
Just a quick note to say we had a fabulous dinner on Friday evening.  All the guests commented on how fine the wines were and how much they enjoyed them.  Thank you for your efficient and professional service.  In the words of The Terminator, “I’ll be back!”

You have really got to check this out!  You get on going discounts and the quality is superb, it is like being in France.  I have ordered a few times before recommending and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

It is not one of the wine club type deals with tie ins etc, the wines are French supermarche price and Caves cellar quality.

B C from Ross on Wye
We recently had friends staying over for the weekend from London. On the Saturday evening I cooked lamb with garlic and rosemary accompanied with a decanted bottle or two of your Chateau Chantermerle.

My pal who buys from a couple of large well known wine merchants down south is a bit of a wine buff. He was very impressed with the wine and asked if he could see the bottle. After divulging the name of the wine I asked him how much did he think it cost. £20-£25 was his reply. When I told him it was only £11.99 he nearly choked and fell off his chair!

I think you will soon be getting another customer on your books as he wasn’t merely impressed with the wine he thought the website was very informative and very easy to follow.

My Christmas order will be with you shortly by the way.

We tried the Mathilde 2010 and Fleur Morange 2008 over the weekend.   We felt the Mathilde was drinking beautifully, a really lovely wine. Full of
fruit and very well balanced and the fact that it was 15% was not noticeable.  Whilst we enjoyed the Fleur Morange we felt it was not quite ready yet but had the potential to be a very good wine once it was!

Erik L
I’m really enjoying the Battle of Britain reds:”everyone a winner!”
However, we are running low on white. My wife tends to stick to Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc as her preferred taste. Petit Chablis & Saint Véran are also ok, definitely not any ‘astringent’ Muscadet style whites.
So- your starter for ten: you have a good range of Sauvingons and blends; plus others (we have liked Vignoniers and the occasional Pinot Gris)- please suggest some whites I could tempt her with?

E L from Worcestershire
Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Gold Medal Clarets Case I have recently ordered. I am a typical buyer of wines buying from supermarkets only when their wines are on offer. Having sampled this case of wine form BU I think it offers exceptional value considering the high quality of the wines. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single wine without exception. Your service has been exemplary!

R M from London
Having been a customer of BU for some time now I have been encouraging my friends to buy their wines from you as I can definitely say that I have enjoyed every bottle I have bought. They offer outstanding value, the quality is excellent and they are delivered very quickly!

Andrew from Hampshire
Thank you so much for the case recommendation. I really enjoyed the Jean Baptiste Audy and Montagnac Cabernet Sauvignon.  The Montagnac was a really satisfying mouthful of red berries. Extremely approachable. But certainly not one to rush. Fruity on the nose and palate. Smooth and compelling, an excellent upgrade from the value range. I certainly know what I have been missing and have not drunk a new world wine since we met. I cant wait to work through the rest of the case.

Ben from Cambridgeshire:
I’ve been ploughing my way through four or five bottles a week of your superb wine selection for some time now. After the frustrations of trying to find value elsewhere, I can’t believe my luck.As you will have seen,I’ve tried most of your Bordeaux red selection and can honestly say that I’ve never sampled a single bottle that wasn’t a pleasure to drink. Most important of all,since buying my wine from Bordeaux Undiscovered I have learned that it is not necessary to break the bank in order to find a decent claret. Keep up the good work!

Mr G P:

Feedback after our do at the cricket last month…pretty much universal approval. It was too hot for the red so I dumped the bottles in cold water to take a few degrees off and, hey presto, a beautiful wine reappeared. The fizz was just right for the occasion and the white went down a treat but the star of the show was the clairet which was perfect with the cold cuts. Many of our thank yous referred to the wine, so thank you for the recommendations and for providing it.

Mr DG:
Today you sold me a bottle of Rose [Chateau Ballan Larquette Bordeaux Clairet] as a suggested accompaniment for pork – thank you very much it went very well!

Lorna S from Stratford Grape Club:
I was at your excellent presentation at Stratford Grape club on Tuesday and would like to subscribe to the blog you mentioned you run.  If you could supply the link, I will sign up. I found your talk really helpful in taking my understanding of wine to a better level and, most importantly, a wonderful tasting experience. I would be interesting in buying some wine in the future – is is there a website/shop/outlet?

Debbie from Malvern:
My daughter recently held a dinner party in my honour for my birthday, she has been talking about a new contact she has recently acquired (yourselves) and purchased several wines to go with our food, firstly the wine quality and flavours were second to none and I thank you for your recommendations. But what I want to tell everyone about is the sparkling that she got from you; the Cremant d’Alsace Brut. In our family were not wine snobs but we do like quality and our champagne very much, my particular favourite is Veuve Clicquot. As you do, I bought along a bottle as a guest to a dinner party, another bought a bottle of Monopole and another Bollinger.

My daughter told us that several people had commented that the sparkling she produced had been chosen in a blind testing over most of these so we decided to put it to the test ourselves and remarkably we did choose it over them. Several of us could tell which was the Bolly and the Veuve as we were used to them, but the crisp, delicate flavour of this sparkling (which is a pity that it was produced outside the champagne region because it belongs to have the label ‘champagne’) combined with the price of only £12.49 a bottle made it a big favourite and topped the lot. I would be proud to have that at any event that I hold, and on a personal level, I can get two bottles of sparkling for the same price as the Veuve but with just a happier palate at the end of the night, thank you for introducing this to us!

Rebecca from Gloucestershire:
I contacted Nick at Bordeaux Undiscovered to ask his advice on wine paring for a special dinner party I was preparing for. I found the knowledge of the assistants in the wine departments in the likes of Sainsburys and Waitrose utterly nonexistent and it seemed wine paring was an ancient art that not many people were all that great on. Nicks expertise was ‘real’, there was no snobbery or false showmanship, he simply explained and matched the flavours of the food with the wines he recommended and the result was just perfect.

At the dinner party we found that this topic was of great interest and fun – getting us to focus more on what we tasted that just chewing and quaffing back the wine.  One person in particular found that her distaste to white was not because it was white and that if it was paired with something it accentuated the flavours in the food and bought out the characteristics of the tuna we were eating,turning it into a pleasant experience for her.

The standards of the wine themselves was very high, they had a clean taste with no hints of the ‘chemically’ aftertaste that you find in lots of wines, all of them burst with flavour and lived up to everything I was told it was going to be. The wines Nick recommended to us were Ballan Larquette Blanc, a dry white and Chateau Chadeuil the red for our beef, I would definitely recommend Bordeaux Undiscovered and Nick and shall be returning for bulk purchases, thank you for helping to make my dinner party stand out from all the rest.

Observations on Karen’s Wine Tasting Evening:
I am a National Wine Judge (amateur) of 40 years standing and have visited many wine areas of France but particularly enjoyed our Bordeaux wine trip, where we tasted the elite of wines.  This evening brought back happy memories of our visit.

Jean Baptiste Cremant – A good, sparkling, refreshing wine ideal for an aperitif

Chateau Mayne Pargade 2010 – A lovely balance/crisp/fresh/ not too acidic, nice aroma of citrus

Chateau Meyney, St Estephe 2006 – Velvety smooth, lovely fruity nose, intense flavour of blackcurrants, lovely aftertaste

Chateau Gloria, St Julien 2008 – A well structured wine with slight herbs on the nose, smooth and fruity with blackcurrant and cherries, could taste the oak which I like

Chateau La Tour du Pin St Emilion 2006 – A supreme wine with a vibrant intense flavour, full bodied, smooth, well balanced, good blend of grapes with the Merlot softening it, a lovely bouquet and berry fruits coming through, the best wine of the evening

Saint Helene Sauternes 2004 – Not too heavy or over sweet, apricot citrus taste with hints of honey, a fine dessert wine.  We had a good selection of pates/cheeses and nuts with the red wines and finished the Sauternes with homemade truffles which were an excellent accompniment.

This wqas a great opportunity to taste some fine wines in discerning company and everyone agreed that the St Emilion was exceptional.


C from The Good Food Network Wrote:
I must say your wines are good and it’s a pleasure to partner up with the drinks equivalent of our fine foods!

J K Wrote:
Thanks for the recommendations!  The Chateau de Hartes went really well with our beef – everybody complimented me on the choice .  As an asthma sufferer after drinking more than my fair share of the wine I suffered no ill effects at all!  (I started to avoid red wine as 4 years ago I found I ended up with a tight chest, nasal conjestion and a thumping headache) – I’ll be back to order some for Christmas!

J L from Kent Wrote:
Within our first couple of orders we’ve found a good selection of red, rose and white wines that we really enjoy and the champagne Grand-Reserve Brut was delicious.

Les Wrote:
Nick thanks for the wine for Christmas. I was given several other bottles so I decided to have some friends around and we had a wine tasting. We had a good laugh as many of us don’t know much about wine. There were bottles from all over the place mainly from the major super markets and it was unanimously decided that your Cabernet Sauvignon (Yellow Label) was far the best.

A M Wrote:
I love your Blanc de Noir Champagne!

M Mc Wrote:
Your Prince de Prieur Rouge and Sauvignon Blanc are both very enjoyable wines both at fantastic prices. How do you do it?

Andrea Wrote:
Your Brissonet White is lovely! Where in Bordeaux is Spain?

Richard Wrote:
Tried all your champagne now and would recommend them all. Rarely do you get this quality for so little!

Nicky Wrote:
We had your Marquis de Perissac with friends we invited over for dinner at the weekend. You were right about it going with Lamb it was simply delicious. Many thanks

GB Wrote:
Just to let you know my wife adores your St.Marie. I much prefer you’re Les Tonnelles.

E L Wrote:
Had a super evening with friends the other night and drank far too much of your Les Tonnelles but suffered very little effect in the morning. Many thanks!

P H Wrote:
Great value wines, very efficient service and a good read with your blogs. Well done nice to see somebody trying to be different!

Simon from Worcestershire wrote:
“My wife has for a number of years suffered from a most embarrassing and depressing affliction of painful sinuses and a runny nose after drinking wine.

Prior to Xmas I came across your website and read Nick’s blog – Why do some wines give us headaches? After reading it I wondered if there could be any connection to my wife’s condition as she used to enjoy a glass of wine but denied herself the pleasure because of the painful consequences. It crossed my mind that my wine rack consisted of all New World wines and therefore took the decision to purchase a mixed case from you for the festive period.As a result I would like to thank you all at Bordeaux Undiscovered for your contribution of making our Xmas one of the most enjoyable we have had for a number of years!

My wife took the brave step to try an initial glass of Chateau Haut Gravier with some trepidation and tissues at the ready. I am delighted to tell you that since then she hasn’t looked back. She has had no side effects and once again is enjoying a glass or two of your wine with her meals. Her consumption of wine has definitely gone up with her use of Kleenexes almost disappearing to zero!

Cheers !!!! and VERY MANY THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!! We will be back again soon!”

Mr W Wrote:
“I am more than pleased with the Christmas present and I am impressed with the quality and the styles of the wines sampled so far. Quite a find and I will be ordering more soon,the web site is good as well.”

SG Wrote:
“It has been a pleasure dealing with Nick and the service was excellent. The Cremant d’Alsace was beautiful and not too expensive.”

AC Wrote:
“We opened a bottle of your Chateau Chadeuil yesterday evening and delighted to say that we agreed with the comments in the Daily Telegraph…very quaffable indeed…..and a real find.  If this is an example of your products we shall be looking for some more.”

KB Wrote:
“Please tell all concerned I was most impressed by both the high level of service, delivery and quality of the wine. I was most impressed and will certainly try to buy in the future. Many thanks , a very efficient operation.”

IC Wrote:
” Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks for supplying us some great wine over the last 18 months. Your service is very efficient,the website is very easy to navigate, (love the changes by the way) and the wines never disappoint. Keep up the good work!! ”

JJ Wrote:
“We received our box of mixed wine it was like an early Christmas present  and caused great excitement. This is the first time I have ordered anything  like this from the inter net. What fun we are having trying out them all out, our only trouble will be which we order next!!!

“We have placed a second order!!  After going to the supermarket a couple of times we thought it was time to get a new case from you.  Yours is better quality, although it is quite sad to see the case empty!”

Mr R wrote:
“As a long-standing drinker of ‘New World’ wines, my first mixed case of wines from Bordeaux Undiscovered has really opened my eyes to the variety, excellence & value for money of Bordeaux wines. The depth of quality is outstanding, from crisp whites, a ‘rip-roaring’ rosé, to deep & fruity reds. Bye Bye New World, I’ve discovered Bordeaux!”


JW from Lancashire wrote:
We enjoyed the M de Malle with loin of pork and it was stonking stuff.  A delicious dry white wine not undisimilar to a Mersault but half the price.  Happy days!

Mr Q wrote:
“Delighted to put in my Christmas wine order – giving your Champagne a try this time together with some old favourites – some lcky clients are in for a treat.  Gave a bottle of the Domaine de Ricaud Bordeaux Clairet to a client the other day – raved about it.”

Captain J wrote:
“Merry Christmas, to all at Bordeaux Undiscovered. Wherever I am in the world, you always manage to deliver gifts of wine to my friends and family throughout the UK whatever their celebration. Your efforts, along with your wine is much appreciated. I look  forward to dealing with you in 2009. Happy New year!”

Mr G from Bristol wrote:
The wines that we chose for our function were outstandingly good value for money, providing a level of taste and polish that belied the price. They drank very nicely upon opening and were universally popular both alone and as an accompaniment to food amongst our very large group with disparate tastes. Many thanks.

Mr W from Bromsgrove wrote:
“Mr W is enjoying another case from Bordeaux-Undiscovered.  It’s great to be able to buy “names” I would not normally try, knowing that what ever it is they will be good value.  My brother in Devon is on his first case and is very impressed with his first dip in to a mixed case.”

Mr G from Sunderland Wrote:
“Not only was I impressed with the quality of the wine I was equally impressed with the whole transaction and efficiency of the service. From the time I registered my interest to the time it was delivered to my garage, I was kept informed. Which, cannot be said for other website purchases, I have made in the past. I wish Bordeaux Undiscovered every success and can I have another case please?”

TH Wrote:
Thanks for supplying the wine for our office opening. Every one seemed to like them judging by how little was left from the quantity we ordered. The general comment was “It’s good to come to one of these bashes and be offered good wine as apposed to the normal, lets say less favourable wines around”

The glasses were a great help to!”

M W Wrote:
Having tasted most of your wines I must say your Prince de Prieur is great value ( I have had wines at two to three times the price and not enjoyed them as much), the Roses are very refreshing and extremely palatable. The St.Marie is my favourite of the whites but the Les Tonnelles and Toumalin remain my firm favourites of the reds.

S J Wrote:
Having worked and lived in Bordeaux for five years it is good to see some characteristic wines from the region over here. Of the reds I have tasted, Graves de Barrau, Marquis de Pressiac and Chateau Chadeuil are all very good. The Domaine de Ricard Clairet is lovely and of the whites Chateau Laures and Tour Chapoux for different reasons, are super!

M B Wrote:
Having read Jonathan Rays comments from the Telegraph we ordered a case of Chadeuil which is delightful. At the same time you recommended Tour Chapoux for my wife who enjoys her white wine. She is over the moon with it and asks me to pass her thanks on.

Mr B Wrote:
Having ordered a couple of cases of Chadeuil as recommended by the Telegraph I also ordered a mixed case of reds. All were very good but for me the Graves de Barrau and the Chadeuil were both excellent quality for the price!

Mrs T Wrote:
I was given a bottle of your Chateau Laures as a birthday present and would like to order a caser please as I thought it was simply divine and my kind of wine.

Mr & Mrs C From Droitwich Wrote:
“We have bought our wine for many years through the ‘Times’ wine club. We have generally been happy with this apart from the odd bottle that wasn’t too good. We were recommended to use Bordeaux Undiscovered by a friend, who has good knowledge of fine wines. We initially bought a mixed case and the quality of every bottle was excellent. We have subsequently ordered several more cases and have been very pleased with every purchase. Their prices represent great value for money and based on our previous experience of wine clubs we would have thought wine of this quality would be costing us a lot more. We now buy all our wines from Bordeaux Undiscovered and cannot wait for them to sell Champagne!”

Mrs S from Solihull Wrote:
“Not having drunk a lot of Bordeaux wine before I was very dubious about ordering the wine but I was very pleasantly surprised and we enjoyed every bottle and the reds didn’t give me a bad head!”

Miss M from Manchester Wrote: 
“I bought the wine as part of the special introductory offer and I was really impressed. Every bottle had a unique and interesting character, and I enjoyed sharing the wine with my friends and family. I will definitely be coming back for more”

Mr A in Kidderminster Wrote: 
“We have thoroughly enjoyed the excellent quality wines received from you – my wife enjoyed the sharp, citrus whites and I enjoyed the mellow, subtle and deeply rich reds. We both agree that the quality of wines supplied was high and the tastes brought back happy memories of lovely warm holidays in France. Thank you – we will be back for more”

CCR from Worcestershire Wrote:
“I had the good fortune to be introduced to Bordeaux Undiscovered through a friend and was able to order a substantial amount of both red and white wines for an important celebration for 130 guests. Having been able to taste a large selection of wines we were fortunate to find several wines that complimented our menu. They were readily available and competitively priced for the quality selected. The evening was a great success and a very large percentage of the guests were enthused by the wine, even taking the trouble to confirm their appreciation in writing! I would have no hesitation, whatsoever in recommending and endorsing the wines available from such an efficient and friendly company as Bordeaux Undiscovered”

WG-C wrote:
Wine order arrived today.
Many thanks

Ralph from Bexleyheath wrote:
I have been a customer now for a while having ordered several cases over the years.  Can I compliment you both on the quality of your servce and the quality of your clarets?

I have no idea how you find them but for the money they represent great value and extremely enjoyable drinking.

Debbie & Tim wrote:
Hi. We enjoyed some champagne/ cremant with Nick at Chatsworth show this morning. We intended to return but were meeting up with friends and didn’t quite manage it! Just wanted to say what a great half hour we spent on the stand, which definitely set us off in a lovely mood for the rest of the day. And loved the Chardonnay too so will be in touch I’m sure.

PR wrote:

Thank you for the super tasting we had at The Good Food Show yesterday.  Having been round all the wine companies at the show your wines were by far and away the best quality and also the best value by a country mile.  I look forward to receiving my wine and in due course drinking it.
Best wishes

HB wrote:
Working my way through my first order, mixed red.  Overwhelmingly excellent.  No disasters.  You’ll see which I liked when I order more!

P H from Sussex wrote:
I have just returned from a holiday in France where we drank some lovely wines. As I find it difficult to find a good provider in the UK without paying over the odds of French wines I searched the net where I found Bordeaux Undiscovered. Your site is very informative, easy to navigate and your wines look superb and very reasonably priced. We were paying roughly the same in France for similar wines. I can’t wait to receive my first order when I will contact you again after sampling the wines.

Chris wrote:
Nick has just delivered our fourth case of Montagnac wines from the Languedoc to us, they’ve quickly become our everyday enjoyable wine of choice. At less than £6 a bottle they’re easily better value for money than anything we’ve had from the supermarkets. It’s struck us that all of the wines we’ve had from Nick have outdone the supermarkets in value for money, every single one. Every single one has been a pleasure to drink. There’s no going back now.


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