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Winter Recipes / Wine Pairing

We have an exclusively chosen range of over 70 seasonal recipes complete with wine pairings to tempt your tastebuds in our special Winter section.

The wines of Bordeaux are food friendly wines and can accompany a whole range of dishes.  The right Bordeaux wine when paired with the right food can make a huge difference to your appreciation of a good meal. 

Clarets are made with good food in mind and many tend to be around 12 - 13% abv which means that they don't fight against the food.  Wines with lower alcohol levels taste fruitier and bring out the flavours of many a dish.  Drinking high alcohol wines is like drinking spirits:  they tend to numb the mouth and close the taste buds down - would you drink Scotch with your roast sirloin of beef?

Nick's carefully selected range of Sparkling Wine and Champagne will pair beautifully with many starters, spicy foods and desserts and our sophisticated Bordeaux
Rosé and Clairets are fantastic with roast hams, salmis and charcuterie - not forgetting turkey!  What's more the Dessert Wines of Bordeaux such as Sauternes and the sweet Bordeaux Moelleux are magical with savoury dishes as well as puddings and cheese . . . 

So, if you are looking for inspiration, something special or wanting to use up leftovers we have some superb dishes that will answer all your problems. You’ll find a variety of starters, snacks, soups, sweets and treats as well as recip
es for meat, poultry, fish and game.  There are appetizing and unusual recipes for you to impress your family and guests such as Chestnut Soup, Chorizo and Scallop Skewers as well as delicious desserts like Cinnamon Ice Cream and Mulled Wine Sorbet.

Amongst these pages you will find sumptuous recipes that are quick and easy to make, recipes that can be prepared well in advance and recipes that gourmets and cooks will enjoy spending a little more time on.

We hope you enjoy them!

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